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Buy Modafinil Online – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Those currently looking to buy Modafinil have two options available to them:

  • Buy Modafinil at a local pharmacy.
  • Buy Modafinil online from a reputable Modafinil vendor.

Making the decision to buy Modafinil online has a number of advantages as over trying to obtain it locally. It costs less, it’s delivered to your front door and you do not need a prescription. Some of the major online Modafinil vendors like BuyModa (our go-to vendor) offer a 100% delivery guarantee so you don’t need to worry about losing your money should your shipment not make it for whatever reason.

Of course, like with anything, you’ll want to do the proper research before making a decision.

If you’ve decided to buy Modafinil online – I’d like to share the current prices, exactly how to go about acquiring it, and where you can find the highest-quality original and generic Modafinil at competitive prices.

So, what exactly is Modafinil?

In the medical world, it’s called a eugeroic, or nootropic, which if you aren’t too familiar with Modafinil or the “smart drug” world, might sound totally foreign to you.

Eugeroic is the name given to substances created which are meant to boost wakefulness in a person. A common eugeroic that I’m sure you’re familiar with is Caffeine!

When it comes to eugeroics, Modafinil is the cream of the crop. It ups the number of neurotransmitters called upon in order to feel more awake. Not only is dopamine part of this equation but also histamine and norepinephrine. People who use this nootropic describe their experience as being able to remain alert and fully focused for hours on end. Modafinil is even able to power through a person’s exhaustive state when taken while sleep deprived.

Not only does it keep you awake, but it also enhances your brain-function.

The name nootropic is given to substances that offer heightened memory and concentration to those using them. They increase efficiency in the workplace and offer top performance through any and all mental endeavors.

Basically, the output of your brain reaches optimum levels.

Dopamine is the reason Modafinil, as a nootropic, is able to assist us so well in achieving such brain power. Dopamine is at the reins when it comes to a person’s ability to learn and remember things. It’s this specific neurotransmitter that’s lacking inside the brains of patients who are diagnosed with ADHD. That’s the reason why they’re unable to focus on one particular task for very long.

What makes Modafinil so Popular?

With all of the smart drugs and nootropics on the market, why is everybody trying to buy Modafinil online all of a sudden? How has Modafinil become so popular so quickly?

1. Modafinil is Top in its Class.

Heightened mental capabilities are nothing new. Actually, it’s difficult to count how many drugs there are out there that have been found to help us achieve this.

Few medicines even come close to offering what Modafinil does in terms of potency and performance. Not only does Modafinil activate quickly after ingestion, but also it’s half-life (how long it lasts) and effectiveness are unmatched in the world of eugeroics.

You will be hard-pressed to find an agent this fast-acting of this calibre.

Almost all other eugeroics and stimulants are subtle and slow-moving. Many times their effects are so subtle you won’t notice a difference, and you’ll be left knowing you wasted your time and money.

So if you’re looking to feel more awake, be more focused, have a better memory, and generally perform better- Modafinil is what you want.

2. Modafinil Has Little to No Side Effects   

You would have to turn to a stimulant like Adderall or Vyvanse to get close to matching the power and effectiveness of Modafinil.

The cons far outweigh the pros for those using stimulants to stay awake and focused for long periods of time. The reality is that you’ll be spending most of your time feeling anxious and uncomfortable rather than being efficient and completing tasks. These drugs are known to cause undesirable changes in the brain that are potentially irreversable.

It’s common for those taking amphetamines to become socially awkward, develop problems with their eyesight, become irritable, have bouts of dizziness and even start losing their hair. The implications of these side effects are nothing to play around with!

Modafinil was made specifically to offer the same positive effects of stimulants without all of the negative side effects.

The worst-case scenario for Modafinil users is developing headaches and insomnia. These side-effects mainly manifest themselves when the Modafinil is not taken properly.

These days, more and more Doctors are prescribing Modafinil to their patients with narcolepsy and ADHD for the simple reason that they will suffer far fewer side effects yet experience the same benefits.

3. Modafinil Doesn’t Cause a “Crash”

If you have taken amphetamines or other stimulants then you’re most likely all too familiar with the crash once the effects wear off. This is known as a “Rebound Effect”

Users of Adderall and other amphetamines usually will have to brace themselves for horrible depression, anxiety and a state of exhaustion by the end of it. The ramifications of this reality are high chances of addiction and abuse among patients. Before too long, a person will need the substance in order to feel normal again. This is how and why people become physically and mentally dependent on certain drugs.

With Modafinil you can expect to slowly and comfortably be brought back to your natural state. This means you won’t risk becoming addicted or being any less productive as you were before taking it once it wears off.

4. Modafinil is easy to obtain

Just because Modafinil is regarded as a prescription drug in most places doesn’t mean you can’t buy it online.

Most times the scheduling of Modafinil and other prescriptions is created as a way to control their distribution rather than those who are buying them.

If you’re planning on buying somewhere local and not over the internet you better be ready to provide a valid prescription for it. The beauty of the digital age is that there are suppliers from other nations with different laws who are more than willing to get you the products you’re looking for.

Many Modafinil vendors can be found in Europe and India because their laws surrounding pharmaceuticals are quite lax. This means it’s quite simple for anybody to do a little research and find a reliable supplier of Modafinil able to ship an order right to their doorstep. That’s right, the benefits of Modafinil are available to anyone and everyone!

So, How Much Does it Cost to Buy Modafinil Online?

You’ll find that the cost of Modafinil varies greatly between manufacturers and vendors.

For name brand Modafinil (Provigil), you’re looking at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of what you’ll be paying (between $30 to $50 USD per dose). It’s possible to pay less (or even nothing at all) if you have medical insurance.

Something to keep in mind is that generic versions are substantially less expensive. You can find generic Modafinil for as low as $0.80-$2.80 per dose with great discounts for bulk orders.

There are online suppliers who even offer discounts for people that pay in BTC and/or another cryptocurrencies. They offer this discount because there are additional pharmaceutical-related fees and taxes which vendors are required to pay and if you help them avoid such costs, they’ll essentially split the difference with you.

You’d also be surprised to learn that it’s often cheaper to ship a package from India to America than it is to ship nationally inside of the U.S. This is due to the vast amounts of exports and imports between the two countries allowing for subsidies and discounted shipping containers for businesses in the shipping industry.

This is also the case for most nations outside of Asia, along with the UK, Canada and even Australia.

The Search for an Online Supplier

Although the list of online vendors of Modafinil is extensive, so before you fork out your hard earned cash, do your homework and make some considerations.

1. Safety on the internet

One of the main problems a person can run into when buying Modafinil online is their safety, especially when doing so in places where this sort of thing isn’t regulated very well.

Your email and chosen password might be sold to other organizations after you’ve created a profile on certain websites.

Although sneaky and mischievous, this tactic is all too common online. This information can result in a sudden influx of emails being spammed to your inbox. Even worse, people have been known to actively attempt logging in to other accounts and websites you’re a part of with the information they’ve been given.

This is why you’ll want research any vendor thoroughly before you buy Modafinil online so as to make sure they’re legit and not a company with ulterior motives. Security and customer satisfaction should be their main objective.

Pay attention to websites that are looking to scam people. Sometimes it’s very difficult to tell the difference between legit companies and ones only out to collect your money and not follow through with your order.

Red Flags to Look Out For When You Buy Modafinil Online:

  • Poor communication and customer service
  • Payments made on platforms you’re not familiar with
  • Poor grammar and spelling on their website
  • Deals that are abnormally ‘great’ in comparison to all other vendors
  • Never pay with your bank or give out bank information for ‘transfers’
  • Any time there’s no information or policy regarding returns

2. A Vendor’s Reputation

Any time you place an order on the internet you’ll be giving your payment information to a company. That’s why you’ll always want to find out how other people’s experience has gone in your same scenario dealing with each specific supplier.

A little delving into forums and online communities go a long way, and you’ll be glad you did! Be sure to check out business reviews regarding specific vendors before going through with any transactions. All of the things you need in order to remain safe from frauds is at your fingertips. You’ll have nothing to worry about if you make sure to go about things just as this guide suggests.

3. Quality Products

Be aware of the bait-and-switch. Just because a company promises something doesn’t mean they’ll follow through on their promises. You might think you’re purchasing a certain quality of pill only to find far different after opening the package.

This is even harder to spot when buying from a vendor you have no experience with.

Again, your best defence against these dishonest tactics is to take the time to find out what people are saying. There are countless sources out there that can help you. Many people successful in purchasing Modafinil have written article after article of how to go about things and what to look out for.

One of the best forums online in this respect is Reddit. Anyone looking to buy Modafinil online should definitely check out the popular Modafinil subreddits. Not only are the people who are active within topics and discussions of Modafinil happy to help, but they’ve been in your shoes, and want to assist all the people they can in benefiting from what it has to offer. So don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Purchasing Modafinil in Other Countries

The laws involving Modafinil change depending on where you’re at in the world. But most of the time it’s regarded as prescription only. This means that you’ll have a tough time getting it locally unless you have a severe sleeping disorder. But don’t let this stop you from getting your hands on it! The fact of the matter is that you can buy Modafinil online from suppliers in areas where there either are no laws restricting its distribution, or they’re much laxer.

Even though it isn’t legal to supply Modafinil when a prescription isn’t involved, it’s not against the law to order or possess this type of medicine in most places.

If on the off-chance your package is seized by customs, do not fret, normally a letter is sent to you requesting that you provide a prescription if you would like for them to complete the shipment to your door. If you’re unable to do so they’ll simply get rid of the package.

It might be a little more difficult to get your order of Modafinil through customs in Canada. But as with most obstacles, this can be easily overcome via mail-forwarding services. A vendor will deliver packages to the United States and from there it will be repackaged in order to be sent from the U.S. and on to Canada. Doing it this way proves to greatly increase the odds of getting the order to your doorstep.

The Final Verdict: Buying Modafinil Online

It’s easy as pie.

First, if you’re ready to buy Modafinil online, you’ll want to begin by finding a supplier to get it from. We suggest Buy Moda.

Next, figure out how much Modafinil you’re looking for and which type you’d like to get. The most common types you’ll run into will be Modvigil, Artvigil, Waklert, and Modalert.

From here you’ll want to actually make your purchase. At Buy Moda you buy Modafinil with Bitcoin, PayPal or with a credit or debit card. You can even get up to a 20% discount by paying with crypto.

After you’ve placed your order, sit back and be patient for your package to come. This can range from seven to twenty-one days.

Most of the time your order will arrive with zero issues. If for some reason it’s seized by customs, relax and get ahold of whatever supplier you purchased from and let them know what’s going on. If you have read this guide thoroughly and picked a reputable Modafinil vendor then they’ll make sure you get your money back and/or send the same order again at no cost to you.

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